Vol. 37 No. 2 (2021): Smart Learning Environments

Enabled by technological innovation, brand new learning environments can be created to support a wide range of teaching and learning activities, wherein learning experience can be enriched and learning effectiveness can be enhanced. A smart learning environment is conceptualized as a learning environment that emphasizes learning flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, engagement, adaptivity, and reflectiveness (Spector, 2014), where both formal learning and informal learning are integrated (Gros, 2016). It is basically an adaptive system that improves learning experience based on learning traits, preferences and progress, features increased degrees of engagement, knowledge access, feedback and guidance, and uses rich-media with a seamless access to pertinent information, real-life and on-the-go mentoring with use of technologies to continuously enhance the learning environment (UNESCO, 2017). In recent years, researchers in the field have been actively investigating the design and implementation of a smart learning environment. The intent of this call is to disseminate the latest research findings and share good practices on smart learning environments from different perspectives, including pedagogy, content development, instructional design, and technology.

Published: 2021-05-10


Special Issue 2021 – Smart Learning Environments