Becoming a reviewer

REVIEWERS/Reviewer criteria

An AJET reviewer will typically

  • Hold a higher degree (PhD, Masters);
  • Be research active in the field of educational technologies and/or related areas;
  • Be experienced with peer review from author and reviewer perspectives.

To provide timely feedback to authors reviewers are normally expected to accept or decline a review request within one week and complete their review within four weeks from acceptance. AJET understands that it will not always be possible to meet these timeframes and exceptions can be negotiated.

REVIEWERS/Applying to become a reviewer

AJET welcomes applications of potential reviewers. Please contact the lead editor team via email to Eva Heinrich (, briefly stating your relevant qualifications and experience (you might want to copy & paste the following):

  1. AJET username (if already registered):
  2. Degree (most relevant qualifications):
  3. Current position (title, organisation):
  4. Reviewer for journals/conferences (name most relevant, indicate how long or often you have reviewed):
  5. References to research publications (to a maximum of five):

Please add any other information you regard as relevant. The lead editor team will get back to you should further information be required.