Editorial 29(3)


  • Sue Bennett
  • Gregor Kennedy
  • Barney Dalgarno




We are pleased to present Issue 3 of AJET for Volume 29. In this issue you’ll find an article that considers factors that influence students’ adoption of mobile learning tools (Mac Callum & Jeffery), papers that consider the role of Facebook in students’ learning (Ramble; McCarthy) and a paper that reports on factors that lead to successful language learning in 3-D multiuser virtual environments (Tseng, Tsai & Chao). Thomas Cochrane and David Rhodes report on a participatory action research study that considers pedagogical changes in a mobile learning project over a number of years. Dale Holt and his colleagues report on the outcome of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council project which presents a quality management framework drawing on models of distributed leadership, while Boyd and Ellis reflect on tricky issues of knowledge ownership and creation in the open source world of teaching and learning. One paper reports on primary school teachers’ technology adoption (Tondeur, Kershaw, Vanderlinde & van Braak) while a second paper reports on how the performance of primary school students is effected by the timing of scaffold provision (Yu, Tsai & Wu). The final paper in the issue (Sever, Oguz-Unver & Yurumezoglu) reports on an empirical investigation of inquiry based learning environments in science, which employ video-based demonstration methods. The rich tapestry of educational technology research and practice is certainly showcased in this issue.


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Bennett, S., Kennedy, G., & Dalgarno, B. (2013). Editorial 29(3). Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 29(3). https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.993

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