Using video annotation to reflect on and evaluate physical education pre-service teaching practice

  • Meg Colasante RMIT University


This case study examined the integration of a media annotation tool (MAT) into the learning and assessment activities of an undergraduate teaching (physical education) course. The media form or artefact for annotation was video recordings demonstrating individual learners' teaching practice. The learners categorised (marked sections) and annotated their videos and received peer and teacher feedback within the tool. Their use of MAT was analysed to determine if this learning environment was effective in the context of the case, to critically reflect upon and evaluate pre-service teaching practice. The research site was RMIT University, Melbourne, and data was collected from the pilot users of MAT, a third year class and their teacher/key academic, using pre- and post-surveys and interactive process interviews (combined sessions of direct observation and semi-structured interviews). The data indicated MAT was effective for the main learning purpose of the case, but also identified some areas for further consideration


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Author Biography

Meg Colasante, RMIT University
Academic Development Group
College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT University