An information-summarising instruction strategy for improving the web-based problem solving abilities of students

Gwo-Jen Hwang, Fan-Ray Kuo


As knowledge rapidly expands and accumulates, training and assessing students' information searching ability for solving problems on the Internet has become an important and challenging issue. This research aims to improve the web-based problem solving abilities of primary school students by employing an information summarising approach for improving their skills in using keywords and extracting proper information. Moreover, a web-based learning environment is employed to record and analyse the online information searching behaviours of students. An experiment has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this innovative approach. The experimental results show that the information summarising training significantly improved the performance of the students in the experimental group in terms of using keywords, selecting information resources and extracting important content. Therefore, it was concluded that the innovative approach has a significant impact on promoting the web-based problem solving abilities of students.

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