Design, sharing and co-construction of learning resources: A case of lifelong learning communities in Shanghai

Xiaoqing Gu, Chongping Zha, Shusu Li, James M. Laffey


A key problem in developing a virtual community for co-constructing learning resources is the need to have people volunteer to share their expertise. In this paper, we introduce the first phase of our research in which we examine strategies for encouraging participants to share in the system. We began by designing an intervention model based on creating and sustaining social capital among the participants for the entire resource development process. Data collected in this pilot for the first phase showed that this design was effective in attracting and maintaining users' interest in contributing to this virtual community, while leaving some designed functions and tools still in need of improvement. These findings will be used to make modifications for a future version of the system, and their implications to the social computing field are addressed also.

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