Integrating book, digital content and robot for enhancing elementary school students' learning of English

Nian-Shing Chen, Benazir Quadir, Daniel C. Teng


Early school years are an important period to lay out the foundation for learning a second language. In addition to mastering the basic language skills and keeping the learning process fun, promoting a lifelong learning habit should also be emphasised. Motivating elementary school students to learn English and avoiding misconceptions associated with the learning process are very important issues. This study attempted to explore the integration of book, computer and robot to create a novel and joyful English learning environment. Books are the most common learning media. If we can design a special mechanism linking books with digital learning content and a robot, students will be able to obtain supplementary learning content including motions performed by the robot to enhance learning outcomes. To implement this idea, a new learning system was designed and developed. Learning activities included vocabulary, single sentence read-along, full article read-along, conversation, sing-along and dancing. Cloze tests were implemented and the feasibility of the learning system was evaluated. Data collected from field observation and interviews were analysed. The results suggest that this system did enrich students' learning experience and enhance their motivation and engagement.


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