Assessing e-learning acceptance by university students in Thailand

Timothy Teo, Wong Su Luan, Thapanee Thammetar, Wisa Chattiwat


The aim of this study is to assess e-learning acceptance by students, using data collected from 377 students at three public universities in Thailand. Using the E-learning Acceptance Measure (Teo, 2010b), participants gave their responses to 21 statements on three factors hypothesised to measure e-learning: tutor quality, perceived usefulness, and facilitating conditions. Results showed that university students in Thailand have an above average level of e-learning acceptance (mean=111.36 out of 147). Among the user domains, age and perceived competence correlated significantly with the factors in ElAM. Using MIMIC modelling, students' e-learning acceptance was found to be significantly different by age and perceived competence.

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