Walk the talk: Immersing pre-service teachers in the learning of ICT tools for knowledge creation

Shanti Divaharan, Wei-Ying Lim, Seng-Chee Tan


This paper traces the evolution of the design framework for the use of technology in a teacher education program in a Singaporean university. This course focuses on developing student teachers' capacity for the use of ICT in teaching and learning. We report our two-level reflection: one that focuses on the trajectory of the course design, and one that reflects on the university faculty's pedagogical practices when conducting this course. The goal of this course in the last decade has transformed from a focus on technology skills to pedagogical and knowledge creation. The current goal of the course is to develop student teachers' pervasive use of technology tools to collaborate, design, reflect and think critically. The challenge for the faculty in a teacher education higher learning institute is to design a course that would present opportunities for student teachers to experience the technology tools as learners themselves so as to become teachers who will be doyens in designing technology tool integrated learning. We contend that the experiences of technology tools help to deepen the student teachers' knowledge about technology integration. As student teachers experience technology tools in tandem with theory, the immersive experience may translate into designing apt technology-integrated lessons for their learners.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.v27i8.895

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