Pedagogical approaches for ICT integration into primary school English and mathematics: A Singapore case study

Lee Yong Tay, Siew Khiaw Lim, Cher Ping Lim, Joyce Hwee-Ling Koh


This case study research attempts to examine the pedagogical approaches for the teaching of English and mathematics with information communication technology (ICT) in a primary school in Singapore. The study uses the learning with and learning from ICT framework in reporting and analysing how ICT has been used in the teaching of English and mathematics. This framework also looks into the level of production (i.e., students' creation of digital work) and collaboration when learning with and/or from ICT. From the review of documents and lesson plans; interviews with teachers; group interviews with students; and questionnaire survey of the students on their frequency of ICT use, the findings seem to suggest a difference in the pedagogical approach adopted by English and mathematics teachers. The frequency of ICT use was also reported to be significantly higher in English lessons compared with mathematics lessons. Mathematics teachers primarily adopted the learning from ICT pedagogy with occasional learning withICT approach. However, English teachers facilitated the students to learn from and also with technology,with production and also with elements of collaboration. This case study illuminates the usefulness of the learning with and from ICT as a conceptual framework in guiding both researchers and teachers to be more aware of the pedagogical implications when ICT is added in the teaching and learning process. This case study also once again suggests the pivotal role of the teacher.

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