Incorporating Internet resources into classroom practice: Secondary school teacher action plans

Elena Ramirez, Maria Clemente, Isabel Canedo, Jorge Martin


Knowing  precisely  how  teachers  use  Internet  resources  in  their  classroom  practice  is essential  when  seeking  to  explain  what  aspects  support  the  real  incorporation  of information  and  communication  technologies  (ICT)  in  teaching,  and  in  determining the  mechanisms  underlying  the  use  of  these  resources  in  direct  teaching  situations.This article examines how five secondary school teachers assimilated different Internet resources  into  their  teaching  practice.  Using  a  system  for  analysing  classroom interaction that allowed us to segment teaching practice into categories differentiated by  their  level  of  generality,  we  studied  the  recordings  of  five  class  sessions  in  which Internet  resources  were  used.  The  results  show  that  common  patterns  existed  in  the way  these  teachers  handled  their  sessions.  The  most  outstanding  pattern  showed  the overriding  importance  of  curricular  tasks  and  contents  in  the  class  sessions,  and  the subordination of the ICT resources to these curricular elements. It is also important to underscore the appearance of one type of task performance activity with ICT in all the sessions  analysed,  although  more  analysis  about  this  activity  is  needed.  The  results pose  challenges  for  the  development  of  future  research  regarding  consistency  in  the patterns of action found.

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