The Rise of Li’ Ttledot: A study of citizenship education through game-based learning

Kenneth Y.T. Lim, Matthew Y.C. Ong


This paper reports data obtained from the use of a bespoke video game – The Rise of Li’Ttledot – in promoting a sense of participatory citizenship among young learners. The game  was  developed  through  funding  awarded  by  the  Ministry  of  Education  in Singapore, and was piloted in a primary school. Citizenship education illustrates well the  truism  that  the  learning  of  values  is  better  caught  than  taught.  The  game  was situated within a wider curricular program which included the use of question cardsin  a  post-gameplay  dialogic  session  between teacher and  students.  The  structure  and scaffolds thusly afforded helped the pupils in the primary school to abstract from their experiences within the game, to relevant school-based examples.

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