Relating use of digital technology by pre-service teachers to confidence: A Singapore survey

Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Kam Ming Lim, Eng Guan Tay, Audrey Cheausim Lam-Chiang, Chenri Hui


Teachers today are expected to be able to apply a wide range of digital technologies in the  classroom.  Initial  teacher  education  programs  should  prepare  teachers  to  apply them with confidence. Pre-service teachers in Singapore responded to a survey on use of  technologies  in  their  personal  lives  and  in  their  teaching,  and  how  confident  they were  in  using  them.  Among  17  applications,  the  most  frequently  used  were  those related  to  computer  technology such  as  checking  an  online  dictionary,  web  browsing and searching,  emailing,  and using computer  software.  Participants’  use of computer software  was  frequent;  however  it  was  more  so  in  their  personal  lives  than  in  their teaching.  The  least  used  items  included  audio  recording,  video  recording  and  global positioning  system  (GPS).  Usage  was  found  to  be  positively  correlated  with confidence, and while participants often had confidence in using the applications, their confidence was relatively low for items such as video and audio recording which the yused  the  least.  While  teachers’  use  of  computers  is  important,  their  ability  and confidence  to  use  other  modern  technologies  for  effective  teaching  should  not  be neglected.

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