Online faculty’s use of technology when advising doctoral capstone writers




technology, online, faculty, advising, doctoral, writing feedback, qualitative


Inadequate or ineffectively communicated feedback from faculty advisors may limit the development of cordial, collaborative relationships with doctoral capstone writers and may impede their successful outcomes. The purpose of this general qualitative study was to explore online faculty’s use of technology when advising doctoral capstone writers. Yang and Carless’s (2013) feedback triangle model, including cognitive, social-affective and structural dimensions, provided the framework for the study. Demographic survey data and Zoom interview data were collected from 10 doctoral faculty at a fully online university to explore how and why faculty use technology and what technology-related activities faculty conduct when advising doctoral capstone writers. Emergent codes were organised using a priori codes from the feedback triangle model, and themes were developed within these dimensions. Cognitive themes were ensuring accountability and providing instruction, which addressed how participants were using technology. Social-affective themes addressing why faculty use technology were enhancing communication, increasing motivation and promoting self-regulation. Structural themes indicating technology-related activities were modes, preferences, procedures and barriers.

Implications for practice or policy:

  • Online faculty advisors may use technology more effectively to support doctoral capstone writers.
  • Administrators of online doctoral programs may provide more appropriate technology support for faculty who are advising doctoral capstone writers.
  • Online doctoral capstone writers may experience improved relationships with faculty advisors, which may promote successful capstone outcomes.
  • Faculty advisors and doctoral students working in face-to-face environments may benefit from enhanced application of technology in virtual communication resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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