Managing expectations and developing trust

An evaluation of a public-private partnership




public-private partnership, online learning, learning design, collaborative design, case study


Changing learner demographics and requirements are driving an increase in the range of private education available in the higher education sector. To stay current, universities may need to adapt to learner needs and rethink how they deliver education. This case study evaluates a model of delivery that is a collaboration of a traditional public university and a private education provider to design and deliver online education for a specific demographic where the private provider undertakes the online teaching and collaborates with the university on the design. Initial evidence suggests that the partnership model has the potential to work well with good communication and adjustments from both sides, including addressing assumptions about preparedness for online. Early indications further suggest that this model facilitates rapid change and deeper understanding about online learning, and that it brings shared benefits and rewards.


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Author Biographies

Henk Huijser, Queensland University of Technology

Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Learning Design

Learning and Teaching Unit

Twitter handle: @hhuijser

Rachel Fitzgerald, University of Queensland





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Huijser, H., & Fitzgerald, R. . (2020). Managing expectations and developing trust: An evaluation of a public-private partnership . Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 36(5), 58–70.



Special Issue 2020 - Partnerships for scaled online learning

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