The choice of customisation strategies in training: An overview of parameters and their systematisation


  • Marina Anikieva Siberian Federal University, Institute of Space and Information Technologies



e-learning, customisation strategy, activity of the trainee, individual schedule, taxonomy


This paper discusses the factors that determine the customisation of e-learning programmes. The process of customisation depends on many parameters, such as the objectives of the programme, the quantity and order of the learning materials, the personality and abilities of the student, and the resources within the learning system. Curriculum developers are able to put together these parameters in varying combinations, reflecting differing educational strategies. Because of this possibility it has become important to study how one can determine an appropriate strategy or learning path for any individual student. This is becoming particularly relevant because curriculum developers have to consider large numbers of already developed learning courses, modules, and technologies. One of the approaches to addressing this problem is the classification, or taxonomy, of customisation parameters. This paper reviews published material from highly-rated journals dealing with customisation of learning. As a result of this review the groups of customisation parameters are identified and a generalised scheme of grouped parameters, and their sequence, corresponding to the inner logic of the learning process are developed. This taxonomy allows the educational activities to be arranged so that learners can achieve their learning goals more efficiently.

Implications for practice or policy:

  • The developers of curricula and learning materials can use the proposed taxonomy for structuring learning materials within the course, as well as for choosing the forms and methods of their elaboration.
  • The developers of e-learning systems or modules can use the proposed taxonomy for planning and enhancing the functionality of their systems.


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Anikieva, M. (2021). The choice of customisation strategies in training: An overview of parameters and their systematisation. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 37(3), 170–186.