Predicting mobile learning acceptance: An integrated model and empirical study based on higher education students' perceptions


  • Ali Alowayr Information Technology Department, Albaha University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Al-Azawei College of Information Technology University of Babylon



UTAUT, expectation-confirmation theory, self-determination theory, mobile learning adoption, Saudi Arabia, Higher Education


This research extends the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model based on the expectation-confirmation and self-determination theories. It is aimed at exploring students’ perspectives regarding the acceptance of mobile learning (m-learning) in higher education. Although UTAUT receives considerable attention in technology acceptance research, the present study is unlike previous work, in that it is among the first to integrate the self-determination and expectation-confirmation theories with this model to better understand m-learning adoption, particularly in developing countries. A total of 246 undergraduate students responded voluntarily to an online questionnaire. The resulting findings suggest that integrating the UTAUT model with variables that represent learners‘ basic psychological needs can highly affect their acceptance of m-learning technology. These findings are discussed further for their theoretical and practical implications.

Implications for practice or policy:

  • In mobile learning, teachers need to create meaningful learning tasks to facilitate students’ learning.
  • Teachers should be aware of the importance of confirming learners’ initial expectations of mobile learning’s benefits, to ensure greater learning effectiveness.
  • Students should feel no pressure in their decision to adopt mobile learning.
  • Higher education institutes need to exploit the benefits of mobile learning, given that students have high willingness to accept it, but adequate training and facilities should be provided.


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Alowayr, A., & Al-Azawei, A. (2021). Predicting mobile learning acceptance: An integrated model and empirical study based on higher education students’ perceptions. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 37(3), 38–55.