Fostering the growth of TPACK among international teachers of developing nations through a cultural exchange program


  • Medha Dalal Arizona State University
  • Leanna Archambault Arizona State University
  • Catharyn Shelton California State University Stanislaus



TPACK, technology integration, mixed methods, professional development, international teachers


This study investigated the impact of a semester-long technology course as part of a higher education cultural exchange program for secondary school teachers of developing nations. We integrated quantitative data from surveys that evaluated participants’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK), with qualitative evidence from participants’ technology-based lesson designs. Analysis across the 16 participants indicated that the course was effective in improving teachers’ TPACK. Teachers reported increases in all TPACK domains, with the largest growth in technological content knowledge and TPACK. However, qualitative analysis suggested greater presence of technological pedagogical knowledge. Teachers learned to consider affordances of technology in accordance with content or pedagogy, but their ability was limited due to resource constraints or students’ readiness. Results suggest that international exchange programs are a valuable way to support teachers of developing nations in building educational technology capacity at their home schools.

Implications for practice or policy:

  • Technology education should leverage teacher expertise in pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Developers should consider the contexts of home schools when designing education experiences for international teachers.
  • Continuing education that gives opportunities for hands-on work (active learning) is an effective way to support development of teachers regarding educational technology.


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Dalal, M., Archambault, L., & Shelton, C. (2021). Fostering the growth of TPACK among international teachers of developing nations through a cultural exchange program. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 37(1), 43–56.