How distance learning based on inclusion led to the proposal of a distributed access research strategy (DARS)

Keywords: Education, Inclusive Education, Tertiary Education, DARS, Distance Learning, Digital Equity, Distributed Access Research Strategy, inclusion


This article presents the results from an investigation that used a qualitative perspective of a descriptive type to identify the inclusive educational processes from 707 preschool and primary education schools in Colombia, distributed around 26 territorial units out of a total of 32. To obtain all this information around the country, a data collection strategy was applied, which we named the distributed access research strategy (DARS). All the data was collected by tertiary education students from two programs of the Faculty of Education, Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana in Colombia. The results revealed that most preschools and primary schools have documented institutional educational plans referencing diversity and inclusion for their students, but they have difficulties in establishing strategies to identify and implement curricular adaptations within their contexts, as well as with the use of tracking instruments. These results generated a reflection for reviewing the syllabus and study plans in the tertiary education programs at this university to better prepare future teachers who will face such scenarios in their locations across the country. Moreover, this new DARS data-collection strategy shows an interesting potential, which is generic enough to enable unlimited research topics to be explored within distance learning contexts.


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Author Biographies

Martin Cabrera, Imperial College London MBA Student
Imperial Business School MBA student
Leidi Yoana Zamudio Garnica, Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana

Research Professor at Grupo de Investigación en Educación y Escenarios Pedagógicos GIEEP

Isabel Cristina Martínez Farfán, Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana
Research Coordinator
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Cabrera, M., Zamudio Garnica, L. Y., & Martínez Farfán, I. C. (2019). How distance learning based on inclusion led to the proposal of a distributed access research strategy (DARS). Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 35(6), 80-96.
Special Issue 2019 - Digital Equity