The perspectives of major stakeholders on video enriched problem-based learning for Chinese teacher education

Angela Kit Fong Ma, John Mitchell O'Toole


The study described in this paper investigated how the major stakeholders of a teacher education institution responded to a particular suite of educational products that involved video-based educational learning objects. It aims to look into stakeholder attitudes to potential technological development in fostering student-centred learning in general and problem-based learning (PBL) in particular, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and improving the quality of teacher training. The research objectives are specifically focused upon (a) the experience of the major stakeholders when using multimedia technology and PBL pedagogy; (b) perceived benefits and challenges when applying the courseware in actual teaching situations; and (c) the possibility of these video-rich PBL cases being adjusted to better suit stakeholder needs and encourage their wider use in the particular context of this Chinese teacher education institution. The results show that previous training can exert a significant influence on the adoption of PBL by teachers and students. The data analysis is expected to form a useful baseline for a longitudinal study to determine the extent to which such multimedia educational courseware can affect the processes of learning, and to identify the learning outcomes that may be achievable through video-rich learning objects.


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