Examining factors affecting beginning teachers’ transfer of learning of ICT-enhanced learning activities in their teaching practice

Douglas D. Agyei, Joke Voogt


This study examined 100 beginning teachers’ transfer of learning when utilising Information Communication Technology-enhanced activity-based learning activities. The beginning teachers had participated in a professional development program that was characterised by ‘learning technology by collaborative design’ in their final year of their pre-service preparation program.  Transfer of learning was proposed as characteristic of (i) the professional development program,(ii) beginning teachers and (iii) school environment. Beginning teachers held positive views about active learning and ICT use developed during the professional development program, which seemed the strongest predictor in transfer of their learning. The study also showed that a significant amount of explained differences in the level of transfer of ICT-enhanced activity-based learning innovation could be attributed to range of factors across individual beginning teachers and school environment characteristics. Implications of these findings are discussed.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.499

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