Secondary pre-service teachers’ perceptions of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK): What do they really think?

Keywords: TPACK, technology, pre-service teachers, teacher education, regional university


Meaningful integration of digital technology into learning and teaching is ill-structured, complex, and messy. Inherent in the complexity is the interaction between the different domains of teacher knowledge. The multifaceted problem is further compounded by the diversity of learners and technology in today's dynamic classroom contexts. Pre-service teachers often feel ill-prepared to plan for effective technology integration in their classrooms. Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) has provided educators with a theoretical framework to unpack the complexity of technology integration. It sits at the heart of three interrelated components: content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. These knowledge areas interact, support, and constrain each other. This study investigated secondary pre-service teachers’ perceptions of TPACK. Data were collected through an online survey and interviews. Following a brief introduction to TPACK, this article explores secondary pre-service teachers’ perceptions of TPACK and its components, along with their professional learning needs for TPACK development. Implications for teacher education programs are also provided.


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