I See What You Are Doing: Student Views on Lecturer Use of Tablet PCs in the Engineering Mathematics Classroom

Peter Maclaren, David Wilson, Sergiy Klymchuk


Mathematically intensive engineering subjects at a tertiary level have traditionally been taught in classroom environments using whiteboards or blackboards. This paper reports on student views of the effectiveness of board and alternative technologies used within existing classroom contexts. Students in this study revealed a strong preference for the use of pen-enabled Tablet PCs as a delivery technology. The maintenance of a handwritten approach, combined with ready visibility of material, support for inclusion of other digital outputs and post-class access to material, were key factors influencing student preferences. Although this introduction of technology did not involve substantive changes in classroom pedagogical approaches, the study suggests that the Tablet PC technology may facilitate future development of more flexible approaches.


Engineering Mathematics, handwriting, Tablet PC

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.3257

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