The moderating role of self-regulated learning in job characteristics and attitudes towards web-based continuing learning in the airlines workplace

Xiao-Fan Lin, Jyh-Chong Liang, Chin-Chung Tsai, Qintai Hu


With the increasing importance of adult and continuing education, the present study aimed to examine the factors that influence continuing web-based learning at work. Three questionnaires were utilised to investigate the association of the job characteristics from Karasek et al.’s (1998) job demand-control-support model and the self-regulated learning with web-based continuing learning; exploratory factor analyses indicate their adequate reliability and validity. A sample of 203 employees of an airline company completed three questionnaires. The path analysis reveals that job demands did not have any significant correlation with any other variables. However, job control, social support and self-regulated learning constituted significant predictors of attitudes towards web-based continuing learning. Furthermore, self-regulated learning mediated job characteristics and attitudes. In conclusion, this is one of the few studies to consider perceptions of both personal online learning (i.e., self-regulated learning and attitudes towards web-based continuing learning) and work-related variables (i.e., job characteristics). The study advances interdisciplinary perspectives on education, information and communications technology and psychology, which has implications for continuing adult education and successful implementation of online workplace learning.


Self-regulated learning; job characteristics; professional continuing education; workplace learning; arilines

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