A model-driven approach to e-course management

Goran Savić, Milan Segedinac, Dušica Milenković, Tamara Hrin, Mirjana Segedinac


This paper presents research on using a model-driven approach to the development and management of electronic courses. We propose a course management system which stores a course model represented as distinct machine-readable components containing domain knowledge of different course aspects. Based on this formally defined platform-independent source course model, the system programmatically generates a final course in different platform-specific target models. Currently, our system supports the generation of IMS learning design, SCORM, LAMS and Sakai courses. The case study presents a formal model of the Web programming course and its transformation to the supported target models.


course management, course generation, model-driven software engineering, IMS Learning Design, SCORM, LAMS, Sakai

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.3124

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