TPACK in action: A study of a teacher educator’s thoughts when planning to use ICT

Shaista Bibi, Shahadat Hossain Khan


In this paper, we discuss how a university lecturer (pseudonym: James) drew on his technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) when planning to integrate technology in teaching. The main purpose of the study was to use real-life planning observations to understand James’s TPACK. The data were obtained through think-aloud sessions in which James planned a course that is offered to undergraduate initial teacher education (ITE) students in a research-intensive Australian university. Chi’s (1997) verbal analysis method was used to analyse verbal qualitative data. The results indicate that a different set of knowledge domains underpinned James’s decisions in each different episode of his planning sessions giving his TPACK a dynamic and context-sensitive nature. We suggest observations of teachers when making actual planning decisions as one of the preferred methods to understand the nature of their TPACK. The study introduces a new approach in understanding how this teacher’s TPACK looks when he drew on various domains of knowledge, by visually presenting the combinations made among knowledge domains.


TPACK, Teacher Knowledge, Think Aloud

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