Does documenting the regulation process on a blog enhance pre-service teachers’ self- and co-regulation in a collaborative project?

  • Moon-Heum Cho Department of Education Sungkyunkwan University
  • Seongmi Lim Ball State University
  • Kyeonghwa Lee Department of Early Childhood Education Pukyong National University
Keywords: Self-regulation, co-regulation, social media, blog, collaborative task


Students often complain about unsatisfactory experiences resulting from disproportionate contributions to collaborative projects. To improve the experience, we applied regulation theory to design a process to document regulation on a blog and examined whether such documentation enhanced students’ self-regulation and co-regulation skills while working on a collaborative project. The results indicate that students improved both their self- and co-regulation skills significantly and they were highly satisfied with their experiences in the collaborative task. In addition, the content analysis performed on the documented regulation reveals that students engaged in diverse types of regulation processes through social interaction with group members. A discussion of teaching and learning strategies when using a blog in a collaborative task is included in this paper.


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