Using Facebook as an e-portfolio in enhancing pre-service teachers’ professional development

  • Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Universiti Sains Malaysia
Keywords: Social Networking, Professional Development, Pre-service


This study aims to determine if Facebook, when used as an online teacher portfolio (OTP), could contribute meaningfully to pre-service teachers’ professional development (PD) and in what ways the OTP can be meaningful. Pre-service teachers (n = 91) were asked to develop OTP using Facebook and engage in learning and professional development (PD) activities for 14 weeks. Questionnaires, open-ended items and reflective reports were used to collect data and it was found that many of the pre-service teachers benefitted quite significantly in terms of their development as future teachers through these five facets: (i) community of practice; (ii) professional learning and identity; (iii) relevant skills; (iv) resources; and (v) confidence.


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Author Biography

Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Associate Professor

School of Educational Studies

Universiti Sains Malaysia