Modelling the intention to use technology for teaching mathematics among pre-service teachers in Serbia

  • Timothy Teo University of Macau
  • Verica Milutinovic University of Kragujevac
Keywords: technology, pre-service teachers, Mathematics, intention


This study aims to examine the variables that influence Serbian pre-service teachers’ intention to use technology to teach mathematics. Using the technology acceptance model (TAM) as the framework, we developed a research model to include subjective norm, knowledge of mathematics, and facilitating conditions as external variables to the TAM. In addition, we investigated the influence of gender and age on the behavioural intention to use technology. With data gathered from 313 participants using a survey questionnaire, structural equation modelling (SEM) analysis revealed that the proposed model in this study has a good fit and accounted for 5.4% of the variance in the behavioural intention to use technology. Pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards computers were found to be the only factor with direct influence on the intention to use technology. All other factors were found to have an indirect influence. Using multiple indicators, multiple causes (MIMIC) modelling, pre-service teachers’ intention to use technology was not found to be significantly different by age and gender. Various contributions to research and implications for teacher training are discussed.


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