Influence of teachers' perceived e-portfolio acceptance on teacher evaluation effectiveness in Taiwan

Chun-Mei Chou


This study examines technological and vocational school teachers' perceived e-portfolio acceptance, computer self-efficacy, and evaluation effectiveness in Taiwan. Teachers' perceived e-portfolios acceptance includes four factors, namely, staff commitment, performance expectancy, performance expectancy, and technology training. Computer self-efficacy includes four factors, namely, playfulness, ease of use, effectiveness, and usefulness. Evaluation effectiveness includes four factors, namely, classroom management, instructional design, dedicated attitude, professional development. Participants (N=318) responded to a 5-point Likert-type scale for each factor. Analysis was conducted using the structural equation modeling (SEM), and a good model fit was found for both the measurement and structural models. Findings demonstrate that technological and vocational schools teachers' e-portfolios acceptance significantly and directly influences evaluation effectiveness, and e-portfolio acceptance influences evaluation effectiveness by computer self-efficacy. The teachers' e-portfolio acceptance and computer self-efficacy fit the influence model and empirical data of evaluation effectiveness.

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