ICT integration in schools: Where are we now and what comes next?


  • Colin Baskin James Cook University
  • Michelle Williams QSITE




The case for more technology in schools is compelling. The leverage for a school based solution is traceable to theCommon and Agreed National Goals for Schooling (AEC, 1989), namely that students will develop skills in 'information processing and computing'. Schools have wrestled with this 'integration challenge' since 1989. This paper is a snapshot of the ICT efforts of 18 regional schools as they come to terms with the challenge of ICT integration. Building on the work of Lim et al (2003), and the JISC (2003) MLE benchmark study, this paper profiles what ICT integration looks like in schools since AEC (1989), identifying 'administrative imperatives' as the key factors underpinning ICT integration decisions in schools.

In terms of capacity management, the paper identifies those who plan, design, develop and build school ICT infrastructure. Each school participating in this study is assigned an integration score, identifying them as low, medium or high integration schools based on ICT integration efforts. Evidence from this study indicates a great deal of ICT integration development and activity taking place in schools at all integration levels. The good news is that national and state education initiatives over the last 17 years have delivered an integration (of sorts) of ICTs into compulsory education. The sad news is that the question of ICT pedagogy remains largely unaddressed in our schools.


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Author Biographies

Colin Baskin, James Cook University

School of Education, Cairns Campus, James Cook University

Michelle Williams, QSITE

ACCE Fellow, Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE)




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