Applying adaptive variables in computerised adaptive testing


  • Evangelos Triantafillou Educational Technology Center
  • Elissavet Georgiadou Educational Technology Center
  • Anastasios A. Economides University of Macedonia



Current research in computerised adaptive testing (CAT) focuses on applications, in small and large scale, that address self assessment, training, employment, teacher professional development for schools, industry, military, assessment of non-cognitive skills, etc. Dynamic item generation tools and automated scoring of complex, constructed response examinations are coming into use. Therefore it is important to extend CAT's functionality to include more variables in its student model that define the examinee as an individual beyond the mastery level, for improved performance and more efficient test delivery. This paper examines variables that can prompt adaptation and discusses their potential use in a hypothetical student model for CAT. The objective of this effort is to provide researchers, designers, and developers of CAT a perspective for exploiting research outcomes from the area of personalised hypermedia applications.


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Triantafillou, E., Georgiadou, E., & Economides, A. A. (2007). Applying adaptive variables in computerised adaptive testing. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 23(3).