Do undergraduate paramedic students embrace case based learning using a blended teaching approach? A 3-year review

Brett Williams


This paper presents the results of a descriptive longitudinal study which aimed to identify student paramedic perceptions of case based learning used in the clinical curriculum of the Bachelor of Emergency Health (BEH) degree at Monash University, Victoria, Australia. Case based learning and its integration within clinical curriculum is an important part of undergraduate paramedic education at Monash University. The study used self reporting questionnaires involving 247 students. The analysis provides an indication of the students' perceptions of case based learning in their clinical curricula during the 2005-2007 academic years. Quantitative and qualitative data produced encouraging student satisfaction scores and themes emphasising that case based learning was an appropriate, valuable teaching and learning approach. The data also highlighted that improvements are required surrounding student equity and communication between peers and lecturing staff.


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