Educational technology training workshops for mathematics teachers: An exploration of perception changes

Wilfred Wing Fat Lau, Allan Hoi Kau Yuen


This study examined the effects of educational technology training workshops on perception changes of mathematics teachers. Three perceptions, namely, pedagogical orientation, efficacy, and liking in relation to technology integration, were explored in this study. Two research questions were addressed: Do educational technology training workshops affect teachers' perceptions of technology integration? What are the factors that influence changes of teachers' perceptions? The findings indicated that: (a) there were general effects of training on perception changes in pedagogical orientation and efficacy and (b) instructor, teachers' characteristics, pre-workshop experience, and workshop evaluation were significant factors influencing perception changes. While the overall findings mirrored those of previous studies examining teachers' beliefs about and attitudes towards technology integration in education, this study found that, compared with the younger mathematics teachers, the senior mathematics teachers' perceived efficacy increased but not their beliefs about the educational benefits of using technology after training. This suggests that the usual strategy of "one size fits all" does not appear to work and a more teacher-based training model is deemed necessary to engage all teachers in technology integration in education.

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