Introducing a teleconferencing network to the most remote region of New Zealand. Or forgiveness is easier to achieve than permission

  • Jens J. Hansen Westland REAP Community Education Service


A few points need to be made about this paper for it is no ordinary paper. Instead it is a script for an audio visual. Thus, it does not read like an academic work. Despite this 'stylistic' aspect of the paper it is none the less a serious attempt to do a number of things. First the backdrop of New Zealand is briefly sketched. Second, some more detailed features of the West Coast are outlined. Thirdly, the paper outlines the political conception, the gestation and finally the delivery of a unique educational package known as the Rural Education Activities Programme (REAP). From this picture a series of educational problems emerge which relate to the West Coast. Probably the most important issue which this paper discusses is the "how to" and "how not to" go about installing a teleconferencing network. And to that extent what emerges is an overall need for educators to adopt a deliberate stance of "political awareness".


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