In flight or in plight? The current state of audio visual departments in Australian CAEs


  • Mark Norman Audiovisual Services Information Resources Centre Macarthur Institute of Higher Education



Given that the Commonwealth Government intends to maximise the number of students in tertiary education with a minimum increase in funding, this research aimed to review the effects of reduced Government funding on the services of Audio Visual Departments between 1980 and 1986. This study sets a "bench mark" on the current state of Audio Visual Departments. The scenario formed by the responses is not encouraging. Funding cuts, static or reduced staff profiles, aging equipment and an increased demand for resource production and training courses are just a few of the problems facing managers of the Audio Visual Departments.

If Audio Visual Departments are to provide effective and efficient services to meet the demands of their institution's academic and administrative staff, and the students, then there must be immediate "catch up" funding to allow managers to replace obsolete equipment built up over the last eight to twelve years. The effects of devaluation and inflation must be recognised and adjustments made with each funding grant to Colleges of Advanced Education. Most importantly, institution management must work with the Audio Visual Department's clients to determine the level of service required from the Department to effectively support training and development of competent graduating students within all disciplines.


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Norman, M. (1988). In flight or in plight? The current state of audio visual departments in Australian CAEs. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 4(1).