The ABC's changing role as a provider of education television programs


  • Grahame Ramsay School of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences Nepean College of Advanced Education



The ABC's role as a telecaster of educational programs has undergone fundamental change since it became a corporation. Yet these changes have not attracted the publicity and debate that alterations to the ABC Television's evening schedule have. TV transmission that was once tailored to State needs is now beamed nationally by satellite. Advisory links between the ABC and State Education Departments have been severed. Copyright continues to present problems and the provision of entertainment and education programs for children has been merged under the control of one department. This paper examines the ABC's former role as a producer of educational television programs, looks at the recent policy changes, and suggests some possibilities for the future. It also considers the rise of alternatives to the ABC in education program making and distribution.


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Ramsay, G. (1988). The ABC’s changing role as a provider of education television programs. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 4(1).