CD-ROM: Expanding and shrinking resource based learning


  • John Hedberg University of New South Wales



Over the past few years there has been a rapid development in the integration and sophistication of technologies that can be used for learning. One of the more interesting delivery technologies is the Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)(1), which can provide for the individual learner, a vast range of resources. As the learner sits at his or her personal work station, retrieval software can allow access to encyclopedias, research databases, sound libraries, newspaper clippings, picture collections, photographic collections, software libraries, and computer-based instruction including animated sequences. Major publishers are releasing important works through this medium and are thus providing a unique resource for the individual learner. Already the availability of research collections such as the ERIC database has enabled reduced search costs and faster turnaround for investigators who wish to browse through citations and their abstracts. The bibliography which follows this paper was produced using this technology - a CD-ROM of the ERIC database.


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Hedberg, J. (1989). CD-ROM: Expanding and shrinking resource based learning. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 5(1).

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