An evaluation of SALT (Suggestive-accelerative learning and teaching) techniques


  • B. Dipamo University of Sydney
  • R. F. S. Job University of Sydney



So that you know the structure of this paper, and so that you may select particular sections of interest to you for careful reading, the sequence of sections and their contents is outlined below.

Section 1:Introduction to the need for accelerative learning and the claims made about the system.Section 2:A description of the various techniques employed in Suggestopedia, SALT and Superlearning. The component parts are assessed in terms of the studies which have attempted to evaluate isolated components.Section 3:An analysis of the apparently extraneous factors which may influence the outcome of the studies.Section 4:Outline of the range of results reported in evaluating the techniques.Section 5:Review of the methodology of reported studies, in order to assess the validity of the results produced.Section 6:Brief outline of the methodology of the present study.Section 7:Description of the results of the present study.Section 8:Conclusion from the present study and the literature review.


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Dipamo, B., & Job, R. F. S. (1990). An evaluation of SALT (Suggestive-accelerative learning and teaching) techniques. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 6(1).