Formative evaluation of educational children's programs: A comparison of Australian and American models

  • Marianne Treuen Queensland University of Technology


This paper examines the trial and pilot stage of formative evaluation, concentrating on the two programs "Sesame Street " and "Finders Seekers ". For each trial it investigates the setting, subjects, methods, aims and purpose of the trial as well as which sections of the programs were selected and how responses by children and adults were reported and recorded.

While Australian producers have limited budgets, the following observations are relevant to Australian trials. Settings for trials should be varied. Trials should reflect the differences among subjects. While testing segments may be useful, pilots should be ready to use in the trial process. Observation as a method needs careful analysis. Reporting needs to take into account the literacy skills of children and the editing done by evaluators.


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Treuen, M. (1993). Formative evaluation of educational children’s programs: A comparison of Australian and American models. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 9(1).