Malaysian students face the age of information technology

  • Nancy Hunt Lincoln University
  • Alison Kuiper Lincoln University


Malaysia is a developing country with a fully articulated vision of itself being a country which is fully developed economically, politically, socially and spiritually by the year 2020. A dominant feature of national policy is the emphasis placed on information technology while remaining a moral and ethical society. It is within this societal context that Malaysian students learn about information technology and experience the Internet. As indicated by the findings of this research, Malaysian students share some of the same complaints students in fully developed countries express - too few campus connections, server breakdowns, and inadequate bandwidth for multimedia data transmission. Their favourite activities - making new friends and exploring romantic relationships - are typical adolescent behaviour across cultures. However, their oft stated concerns about user addiction and the availability of pornographic material is perhaps unique to this group of young adults.


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Hunt, N., & Kuiper, A. (1996). Malaysian students face the age of information technology. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 12(2).