Managing the development and production of interactive multimedia courseware in education

Annie Y. W. Nicholson, Johnson Y. K. Ngai


Multimedia technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. Graphic, animation, audio and video data can be stored and processed efficiently in personal computer systems. CD-ROM technology has also matured over the years and it provides an economical and convenient means for storing a large amount of digital information. With careful designing and authoring, interactive multimedia courseware, in CD-ROM format, can be developed and produced for effective learning.

In developing interactive multimedia courseware for teaching and learning, instructional design (ID) and management are two crucial aspects for successful products. Based on the authors' experiences in developing multimedia projects in areas (a) curriculum information system, (b) interactive desktop video and (c) video CD-ROM courseware, a design model for managing interactive multimedia courseware production has been proposed

This paper will present and discuss the model which includes 5 phases, namely (1) analysis (2) development, (3) production, (4) evaluation, and(5) implementation.

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