A knowledge-based computer instruction system

Joshua Poh-Onn Fan, Tina Kwai-Lan Mak, Li-Yen Shue


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the features of the Knowledge-Based Computer Instruction System (KBCIS), which was designed to assist and enhance the teaching-learning function for basic accounting classes with large number of students. The most important feature of this system is the incorporation of the knowledge-based approach in the development of the system. This approach makes it possible to store problem solution knowledge in the system, and use it to mark problems which are of the same nature but with different settings. This approach also makes it possible to implement the flexible marking scheme for providing partial credit for partially answered questions. More importantly, this approach allows the system to provide advice on wrongly answered questions.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.1925

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