Preparatory IT practices and skills of transition Business students (1997)


  • Andrew Stein Victoria University of Technology
  • Annemieke Craig Victoria University of Technology
  • Angela Scollary Victoria University of Technology



Transition students come to universities with a need to be information competent but typically lack basic information literacy skills. This research report presents the findings of a study of the IT profile of transition students within the Faculty of Business at Victoria University of Technology. Two definitions were used to categorise information technology usage. General IT practices looked at the availability of IT to the student, including home and work access, usage at home, previous information systems courses studied and computer competency. Specific IT skills referred to the use of business information technology, including word processing, spreadsheet and database as well as Internet, email and multimedia packages. Major findings showed that home access to a computer has peaked, access to a work related computer is increasing, and gender and student geography seem to have an effect upon the students IT practices and skills. Use of the Internet and multimedia is increasing in transition students.


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Stein, A., Craig, A., & Scollary, A. (1997). Preparatory IT practices and skills of transition Business students (1997). Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 13(1).