Design elements for interactive multimedia


  • David M. Kennedy The University of Melbourne
  • Carmel McNaught La Trobe University



An educator involved in interactive multimedia (IMM) development faces two significant problems. The first is how to transform what is already known about what constitutes good teaching practice into IMM. The second involves understanding one's own personal theoretical perspective on learning, a perspective which influences everything one does as an educator, both in the classroom and during activities such as designing IMM. We need a framework which links pedagogical perspectives on teaching and learning to strategies for designing specific interactive multimedia elements related to particular desired educational outcomes. In this paper we develop such a framework. It is our hope that IMM developers will be able to use this framework, both in reflecting on their current teaching practice and IMM designs, and in considering future directions for their work.


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Kennedy, D. M., & McNaught, C. (1997). Design elements for interactive multimedia. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 13(1).