Issues involved in developing a project based online unit which enhances teamwork and collaboration

  • Rob Phillips Murdoch University
  • Joe Luca Edith Cowan University


This paper presents the results of developmental research into the design of an online unit on Interactive Multimedia project management. The decision to offer the unit online was based on a requirement for the unit to be available in external mode, and an awareness that the traditional print-based delivery of material was not the most appropriate format considering the characteristics of a project-based unit.

The unit was designed around online collaborative activities, supported by content, in close alignment with Laurillard's (1993) model of the ideal teaching-learning process. An extension of this model was developed to explicitly allow for discussion between students.

Following a requirements analysis, WebCT was chosen as the course management tool by which the unit was made available to the students. The online activities used in the design of the course included: publishing personal web pages, online questionnaires, online seminars, the submission of relevant resources found by students, and general forum participation.

Finally, a framework for evaluating the merit of the online environment has been developed and will be briefly discussed.


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