Web based learning environments: Observations from a Web based course in a Malaysian context

Kian-Sam Hong, Kwok-Wing Lai, Derek Holton


The Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development (FSKPM), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, experimented with a Web based course, conducted completely on the Web. This paper discusses the theoretical considerations in designing the Web based course, its key features, and students' and instructor's feedback on the course. Initial observations indicate that it is possible to have quality learning experiences through a Web based course. Students found the course challenging and the learning experience beneficial. Sharing of knowledge through online discussions was an integral part of the course. The instructors and students learnt together as they extended learning beyond the requirements of the course. Students need to change from passive learners to active learners who explore, acquire and share knowledge. Initial problems encountered include ensuring a stable connection to the course Web site, the reluctance of students in using ICTs and students' anxiety toward statistics.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.1793

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