An evaluation of tertiary language learning through student constructed multimedia: The Interactive Stories approach

Michelle De Souza, Michael Fardon, Rob Phillips


The Interactive Stories [IS] approach offers language students an alternative way to learn language skills, through authoring and producing their own ‘choose your own adventure’ stories using software for interactive multimedia. This paper describes an evaluation study of the InteractiveStories approach. The main focus of the study was to investigate the learning processes used by students, and how well they met the desired learning outcomes. The study also investigated how well students coped with using new technologies and ways to improve the approach. The study established that students attained skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, even though they did not realise this at the time. Students were able to creatively use multimedia to place their language in an authentic context. Because students worked in groups, a sense of community was achieved within the class. The areas of improvement identified are mainly administrative, and do not point to any fundamental weakness in the approach. However, the IS approach seems to be most applicable to intermediate and advanced students.

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