Multimedia based enhancement of the science of oenology in the distance education learning environment

  • Paul K. Bowyer The University of Adelaide
  • Christopher L. Blanchard Charles Sturt University


Multimedia has been investigated regarding its utility as an enhancement mechanism, primarily for distance education students in the first year university course Wine Science 1 at Charles Sturt University. The resource consisted of a series of QuickTime movies outlining oenological chemical analysis experiments to be conducted during the block teaching, on campus portion of the course. They were created using Apple Computer’s iMovie software and were delivered via CD as a new component of the print based materials package commonly used in distance education supported courses. 80% of the students were able to make use of the multimedia files to prepare for the practical component of the course before on campus attendance. When surveyed regarding the value of this learning resource enhancement, the vast majority of these students agreed that effective learning, understanding and, notably, relaxation were all significantly enhanced.


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