Mathematics learning forum: Role of ICT in the construction of pre-service teachers’ content knowledge schema

Mohan Chinnappan


Recent interest in the topic of knowledge bases for teachers of mathematics has led to a sustained analysis of how teacher knowledge influences interactions with their students. The results of this body of research have focused on identifying and describing the growth of mathematics teachers’ content and pedagogical content knowledge. In particular, it has been argued that there is a need to examine how mathematics teachers who are new to the classroom construct and structure their knowledge base (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000). Here I examine this issue by exploring the role of an online mathematics learning forum in creating an environment within which a group of prospective teachers exchanged views about a topic on arithmetic. The online forum was established via WebCT. The results suggest that WebCT provided a convenient and non-threatening medium in which to generate descriptions about mathematics teachers’ knowledge and understanding.

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